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Your moulding is created on Lodi Lumber’s state-of-the-art computerized shaper that allows unparalleled quality and versatility.  Combined with our 125+ years of expertise in working with hardwoods, there is no better choice when it comes to custom mouldings.

The mouldings and trim pieces are shown, in our catalog, at their actual sizes, in a profile perspective, so you can see and appreciate their decorative features.  Please keep in mind that the illustrations, which were traced and retouched from the actual moulding samples, may not be perfectly accurate and measured with the finest settings of a micrometer.

We strongly recommend that you get an actual sample of the piece to be sure if it will fit your project before ordering your whole supply.

All mouldings and trim pieces are available in the full range of hardwoods and softwoods that we carry.

Note that items marked with a S are normally stocked in oak and poplar, and should be available for immediate delivery.  Items marked with a N are normally Non-stock and can be made to order.  Please check with us for availability.  Most stock lengths are only available in random lengths only.

15% extra for specified lengths.

Lodi Lumber reserves the right to a 10% overrun on all special orders.

If you don’t see the mouldings you are looking for, we are able to get a knife made to match most designs.  As a knife charge, the knives are property of Lodi Lumber.

Set-up charge upon order of 500′ or less.


We look forward to being your source for all your moulding and trim needs!